Contact & Review Policy (review request are currently closed) 

  •  I will accept books through Kindle and other Ereading formats and physical copies.

• Being a diverse book blogger means I tend to read books with characters and authors that aren’t always represented in the mainstream. Which means anything LGBTQIA, ownvoices, Characters of color, characters with disabilities, indie authors, smaller publishing companies, and intresting plot lines are always a plus to read, however, with a good enough synopsis I’ll read anything not under these categories.

• I do not read ARCs (unless I request them) of books about:. religion, straight white characters falling in love (as a main plotline), and also books that are in series I haven’t read.

• Reviews will be posted one day after I finish it or when it’s close to publication date of the book. Reviews are honest and will not in anyway be bias or skewed to please author or publishing company.

• If a book is DNF’d I will email the publishing company, or the direct contact and let them know why the book was DNF’d


2 thoughts on “Contact & Review Policy (review request are currently closed) 

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