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A MAN OF THE PEOPLE: post-colonial book review

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If ever you have a conversation about post-colonial literature this should be one of the books mentioned.  What a gripping novel with descriptive characters and a plot line that keeps you at the end of your seat.  A Man Of The People explores post-colonialism with a satirical spin.

Achebe is able to tell his story of how destructive western influence is on a sociopolitical scale in regions of Africa. Achebe details a well-worded story about a corrupt Minister of Culture through the eyes of the protagonist, his former pupil in a fictional African country that may or may not represent Nigeria. Alienation from society and that society’s notions of wrong and right play a big role in the book, as well as familial relations that astounded me in a way I cannot really explain. But what makes A Man of the People a real delight is that, in this country which lacks in hopefulness most of the time, there is humor and witticism that Achebe places in the most strategic parts of the prose.

I give this book 4 out 5 stars. And a must have on your shelf!