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In response to staybookish

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Read here first

So I just saw a post by someone who made a big fluff about books being called out for their problematic content and how 2016 sucked for the book community. I mean, I guess if all the books you’ve read this year got “called-out” and were over-hyped mainstream books then it would suck for you, perhaps. (I can’t relate) The first grievance I have with their post is how they linkage “unlikeable” and “problematic” 

Is problematic the new unlikeable

What type of nonsense, now I wasn’t around when the whole unlikeable topic was making rounds on twitter but I’m sure it’s not the same as a book being problematic. (The word problematic has been Columbused) Just like POC, WOC, Queer, et al. Problematic has become a word that people use without first understanding what  exactly makes it problematic.. It really is early 2000’s tumblr  logic.

When will book bloggers realize the internet isn’t friendly? The blogger talks about the atmosphere on twitter after a book is called as this form of divide amongst the marginalized and privilege, and truly, honestly it seems like they’re trying to hyperbolize their own dystopian right on twitter. The blogger falls into that elitist viewpoint by regulating how someone should call out these  authors. Be loud but don’t be to loud cause I’m trying to sleep. Fight for what you believe in, as long as I’m comfortable on the sidelines. How come they never try to regulate how people yoresponto these book bloggers, el oh el.Whenever  I see people saying OMG so much drama I can’t take it. Often times it just be people trying to ask questions, or having discussions. However, I suppose if youre a sensitive person — no shade — these type of things might seem like hostile environments. 

Rinse and repeat.

One quote in particular that stands out to me:

we fail to do something that we, as marginalized people, have done since forever: make the best of the situation.

Now I’m genuinely confused, make the best out of a situation sounds a lot like. Hey, I know you’re upset that their was bad representation but be happy the author thought of your people in the first place. Am I not trying to make the best out of a situation by addressing the author about the problematic element in the book? These sounds a lot like sit down and shut up.

They keep talking about creating a division in the community, but how sway? The resistance seems to come from the people who are anti diversity. The ones always in Mentions defending the book instead of listening. I’m going to ignore that section of bullet points that they may have found compelling but actually contradict their whole blog post. Because you can’t tell people to be out spoken and brave but earlier say make the best out of a  situation.

Most of their post seems to place the blame on those who speak up about diversity, and how we have caused a division in the community. Which, I find cute considering — I’ve never seen someone trying to speak up about diversity call people rats, but some of their none-diverse friends have. Now getting into that tea.