Month: August 2016

Book Review: Ghetto Dogs

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Set in the middle of Harlem, New York, GHETTO DOGS explores the lives of many people as they are connected in some degree to world of Dog fighting. Being Romagnoli I was expected a lot more first-time-author kinks than I actually got. The plot, while scattered through the lives of many characters was easy enough to follow that I didn’t get too distracted. It was a very steady book; Giving that this book was  ability to critique social institutions and law reinforcements was a plus for me. Something I wasn’t really expecting. Any reservations I had about this book based on the title were thrown out the window when I started reading the book. It was pleasing with the diverse cast of people in with their own story in a way, it felt like I was back in harlem when reading this book —  Overall this book was a great read and I’d recommend it to a good bit of people!