Adriano and Jason Chapter 2 part 1

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Peeps ya later


The sunrise had startled the morning out of Jason through his blinds. He arose out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. This morning he brushed his teeth to the rhythm of nothing. The TV was still positioned on the news station however, there was no one there to report. Only a countdown that ran across the screen in a vibrate red color. He had only 14 hours, 35 minutes, and 30…29..28 seconds left to spend with Adriano, who wasn’t in the room. Jason stumbled over the mess in the room to reach his phone that had been vibrating, it was a text from his mom. I just want you to know your father and I always loved you. Feeling a tear develop in his eye Jason tossed his phone across the room. Jason and his parents didn’t have the best relationship once he brought Adriano home, who is his dad had often called a lost dog. The truth Jason came out to his parents at sixteen, three years before he had even brought Adriano home, and his parents weren’t happy with it but they accepted him. It wasn’t until he brought his first boyfriend, Adriano, home did they have a problem with it. Perhaps they thought it was a phase, or that he wasn’t serious. Whatever the case might might have been the month after he turned eighteen his parents kicked both him and Adriano out the house, and he hadn’t heard from his parents since then. Jason grabbed his phone from the floor and deleted the message.

A few moments later Adriano had burst in the room carrying bags and completely out of the breath. “You will not believe the morning I had!” He announced.

Jason jumped off the bed. “Where have you been? Look at the countdown we only 14 hours and 5 minutes later until..” Jason couldn’t bring himself to speak up the inevitable. “We still have a few more things to get done on the bucket list” Jason tossed on a shirt and shorts. “Lets go!”

“Don’t you even wanna know whats in the bags?” Adriano said as he stopped Jason mid-track and gave him a kiss. “This is part of the bucket list” Adriano rips out a handful of pink peeps from the bag. “You said you wanted to do a peep eating contest so lets do it!”

The boys wasted no time and begun empty the bags of peeps, spread out across the bed was a sea of blue, purple, pink and yellows peeps for consumption. Jason laughed. “How did you even get all of these?”

“A lady never shares her secrets.So how are we doing this?”

“Okay, on the count of three we eat one at a time, we just have to make sure we keep track of how many we eat. Lets start with twenty.” The excitement in Jason’s voice spiked. The thought of eating twenty made Adriano barf a little in his mouth, but after all Jason did for him in his life this is the least he could do. He sacrificed everything to make sure Adriano was okay, even rejected his full ride to Pace University. So when Jason reached three the two begun to stuff their faces with peeps.Bite after bite of sugary marshmallows. They ended up completing 5 waves of peep eating. Each eating exactly one hundred. “I think we tied” the statement slid out of Jason’s mouth. Adriano was doubled over in the bathroom facing the toilet.

“Oh god I can’t take it, my stomach.” As adriano announced his pain to the room Jason tossed one more peep in his and forced his body to accept it.

“Ha, I win. I ate one hundred and one.”

Jason plopped on the peeps covered bed, holding his stomach hoping the ache would stop. Adriano made his way over and stood in front of the window and looked up at the sky. The last time he’d see it. a welcoming blue color. “Do you believe in Heaven Jason?”

” I believe in the Idea, I guess, I mean i’m suppose to believe that.” Jason said still holding his stomach.

“Do you believe we’ll go to heaven being that..” the sentence trailed off Adriano’s lips and he stared up at the clouds.

“I think if we’re going to haven that’d be great! If we go to Hell for being sinners that’s also fine!” Adriano looked at Jason in confusion. “Think about it, if god sends people to hell for being sinners then Hell has to be lit.”

“Or over crowded.” The two boys shared a laugh. Adriano made his to the bed and wrapped himself in Jason’s arms, his eyes still staring over at the sky. “Let’s take a quick nap and then finish our day.”  The two slowly fell asleep to the silence.