Contemporary review: Reconstructing Amerlia

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Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

This book is family centered around a mother-daughter relationship. Instantly we get a feel of the hectic nature of their relationship. Where the mother, Kate, lives this work oriented lifestyle and has little time for Amelia. With a quick turn of events, and by quick I mean within the first 20 pages (so this isn’t spoiler) Amelia commits suicide by jumping from the roof of the school. Shortly after Kate gets a text saying Amelia didn’t jump.  And so the journey begins.

When we talk about book titles and how they relate or convey a message about the book. This title for me takes the cake. Almost immediately after Kate is forced to rethink everything she has ever known about her daughter and literally reconstruct her back together. Piece by Piece. Told in two perspectives, from the voice of Amelia before she jumps, and told in third person in Kate’s perspective this book is fast pace. Each chapter gives you a little, but also leaves you wanting more. The main plot, Kate searching for the truth about her daughter is only able to advanced with a lot of the smaller sub plots and mystery’s that we get to watch unfold. As the reader we get to venture into this world of privilege and pain. While the story is told from both of their perspectives, it is also told through Amelia’s social post. I love the saying Art imitates Life, and in this novel, the art gives an honest interpretation of Online Bullying. Chalked up with enough twist and turns to keep you guessing. I give Reconstructing Amelia 4 out of 5 stars. While I found the novel a simplistic suspenseful page turner, a lot of the turns seemed to predictable at times. However, I recommend this as a read if you want something refreshing and new.