Steps to Diversify your library

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So you’ve entered that awkward stage of I just finished a book and now I don’t know what to read. Or maybe you want to spice up your book collection add a little diversity to it. Here are some tips or ways you can do that.

Step 1 – examine the way you find your books to read. If it be by goodreads, or booktube, some of your favorite book bloggers, or by the New York times best seller. Take a step back and realize how you typically find books.

Step 2- Ignore that way. Get out of that pattern of your go to say of finding books. One of the things I’ve noticed in communities like booktube, the average viewer follows the popular bloggers, who all vlog about the same books. Or if you have a go to blogger, stop going to them.

Step 3- this is the fun part, I promise. Research. Now that you’re ready to expand your horizon  on book topics and diversity, you have to basically start from scratch. You can find tag sections of book reviews, or you can literally roam the isles of your local library or bookstore. Goodreads has a really good recommendation engine as well.

Step 4-  once you find that next book that you typically wouldn’t pick up or etc, now it’s time to read it. (Which I guess is the true fun part)

Step 5- now that you’ve gotten one or two books in your library, keep it up. Diversifying your library ( which basically means to take a break from reading books written by men that are centered around cishetwhite men) Don’t stop at one or two books. Try to match the amount of books you already have with your new books.