HERO review

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I just finished reading HERO by Perry Moore. My Goodreads Said it took me five days but it actually took me roughly two days. Okay, first off. One of the major things I loved about this book is that the main character (Thom) Identified as gay. And throughout this novel he struggled with acceptance and understanding how to be himself. – However this is NOT the main plot.


The main plot follows Thom and a few new friends he meets a long the way as they attempt to make it as members of the League superheros (Think Justice League), equipped with their own unique set of powers and skills. What I liked most about his friends is the humanizing quality they have. Each character for the most part has some flaw, but its not like an attitude problem or a weakness to peanut butter. Its an actual flaw.

The writing itself wasn’t the best, a lot of unconnected plots. For example: Thom’s superpower is he has the ability to heal people and things. However, one supporting character struggles with her own issue i’m not spoiling, that I kept me wondering why doesn’t Thom just heal her, Or when there is a random attack that we dont know much about, why it happened, where it came from, or what it was exactly.

The main antagonist isn’t “revealed” until the final fight, but it doesn’t make any sense. The lack of back story for the antagonist did not help me connect the dots. I mean I understand what was happening, I guess. But the why wasn’t there. The where did this come from wasn’t answered. It was like BAM! now im evil and I hate everything.

Ultimately, I’d recommend this book, it made me ugly cry. There is a cute love story in it. And  a honest conflict between A father and a son who just wants acceptance. A lot of people say they won’t read it because the reviews say the writing sucks, but honestly, the story is amazing! DONT. SKIP. OVER. THIS. BOOK.

The rest has spoilers in it, scroll with caution.

I try to be as spoiler free as possible but, how did his mother know to get the ring. She cant see into the future. Are we too assume, at some point she was there when Justice was making his plans.

With the fight that killed Ruth, what was that. Why was that never mentioned before hand or afterwards. Also, does anyone else feel like a lot of it could have been avoided if Ruth would have stepped in. Why does Ruth let herself die, im so upset. Ruth was my favorite.